The challenge

Helping employees defend their rights

The solution

Supporting a movement with a dedicated Facebook page


A few months after Brexit, Eurotunnel's employees were facing a difficult situation. The Coronavirus pandemic had significant effects on the Tunnel's traffic. Besides, unlike surrounding harbours and airports, Eurotunnel was not allowed to open a "Duty Free" shop on their terminal. A competitive disadvantage with further impacts on their business, putting jobs at risk. In order to defend their rights, Eurotunnel's unions and employees started a joint movement. Quercus supported their struggle by setting up and managing a dedicated Facebook page called "Eurotunnel's employees together for Duty Free". About three weeks later, the French government finally granted its consent!


Link to the Facebook page "Les salariés d'Eurotunnel ensemble pour le Duty Free"

  • 15 days of mobilisation
  • 20 updates shared
  • 17 high-level politicians engaged through mentions and direct questions, including 7 members of the national government
  • +3,500 likes, shares and comments
  • +30,000 people reached