Whisky Is The Limit
Whisky Is The Limit

The challenge

Emphasising a young brand's USP

The solution

Putting a vision into words


Whisky Is The Limit is a new, independent whisky bottler from Switzerland. Founded by spirits blogger and collector Salim Duriaux-Hogga, WITL is known for its colourful labels and uncommon single malts. Salim asked Quercus to tell his story. First in a few words, as a claim to be printed on the bottles' boxes. Then in the form of a corporate brochure, presenting WITL's approach, offer and portfolio to business partners.


"Making bold choices. Breaking new ground. Offering authentic but unconventional whiskies."

  • A claim summarising the brand's value proposition in a few words
  • A corporate brochure highlighting WITL's offer and unique approach
  • A speech adapted to both B2B and B2C targets, in English and French