Esprit Alambic
Esprit Alambic

The challenge

Staying connected with your audience despite the Coronavirus pandemic

The solution

Launching a fun and informative newsletter


Esprit Alambic (formerly Esprit Vins) is a French spirits wholesaler. Its slogan: Revealing unique spirits! Esprit Alambics' main target groups are "cavistes" (small wine & spirits shops), bars and restaurants. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit and the first lockdown was decided in France, we needed to come up with a new way to connect with these audiences. That's when we decided to launch "La Barbe" or "The Beard" by Esprit Alambic, an entertaining and educational newsletter. Each issue includes a few words of introduction by the CEO, the latest product news, some stories from partner distilleries, and more…


  • This newsletter launch was part of a broader assignment for Esprit Alambic, which lasted over a year. My tasks included conducting a market analysis, creating content for social media, copywriting, editing a catalogue, and participating in negotiations with business partners across Europe. During our collaboration, Esprit Alambic gained several new clients and was able to add 3 new brands to its portfolio with my help: Broken Bones (Slovenia), Stork Club (Germany), and Two Worlds Whiskey (USA).