Coca-Cola HBC
Coca-Cola HBC

The challenge

Promoting Coca-Cola’s latest packaging innovation

The solution

Creating an informative motion design video


Since 2020, Coca-Cola and its strategic bottling partners Coca-Cola HBC and Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) have been rolling out the KeelClip™, an innovative, minimalist paperboard packaging solution, on multipack cans across Europe. Quercus assisted Coca-Cola HBC and CCEP with finding the right way to communicate the features and advantages of their new packaging to their clients and consumers. Partnering with graphic designer CEDRIC S, we created an appealing and educational motion design video for the French, Italian, Romanian and Polish markets.


  •  4 motion design videos created
  • Full service, from concept to script to final design
  • Duration between 1’15’’ and 1’35’’
  • Working with 2 different corporate designs: Coca-Cola HBC and CCEP
  • Project delivered in less than two weeks